Who We Are

DEX imaging was founded in 2002 with these two main objectives in mind:

1) to create a privately-held dealership that focuses solely on quality service (without the conflicting objectives that publicly-held imaging companies face);

2) to give back to the community by donating one third of the company’s profits to charities and educational programs within the markets where DEX does business.

Our chairman, Dan Doyle, pioneered the mega-dealer imaging industry, having founded Danka Business Systems in 1977, where he implemented innovative strategies that revolutionized how dealers do business today. His insights have been instrumental in helping DEX imaging's CEO, Dan Doyle Jr, to reach the company's short-term benchmarks and long-term goals. We are a dominant force in the marketplace due to our focus on quality service and community outreach.


How We Do It

One of the strategies we've followed that sets us apart from our competition is our Profit Sharing Program, which awards bonuses to all DEX employees who achieve a high level of excellence each year. This has helped propel us to a position of strength because it: 

a) ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible;

b) keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum;

c) makes for a productive work environment, companywide.


How Our Customers Benefit

1) Continuity: DEX has the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry. Many of our sales, admin and service personnel have been with the company since its inception, which means that there is a legacy of performance excellence that customers experience first-hand.

2) Certified DEXPERT Training: DEX' training program goes far beyond the basics. Our certified DEXPERTs develop their skill, knowledge and expertise through a rigorous and comprehensive training program. Technicians and systems engineers must know how to repair and service ALL makes and models of equipment and software, not just the brands we sell. This gives our customers the option of having ONE vendor, DEX, to service ALL of their document imaging assets.