INDEX Datafiles

INDEX DataFiles is DEX imaging’s document management software that does just that. It reduces paper consumption by replacing your paper files with “searchable” electronic files.


For years, we’ve all been hearing about the coming of a “paperless” society. Can you really imagine life without books? Newspapers? Mail? Or office documents? Of course not. But at DEX, we do believe in the concept of finding ways to help our customers use less paper. And while we’re at it, finding better ways to help them organize their files, enhance their workflow processes, and secure their critical data. 

INDEX DataFiles is DEX imaging’s document management software that does just that. It reduces paper consumption by replacing your paper files with “searchable” electronic files. 

Search-Engine Filing
Think of all the time (and money) your organization wastes when someone has misplaced documents or filed records in the wrong location. INDEX DataFiles uses OCR word recognition to automatically locate documents based on key words.
(You don’t even need to know the exact file name.) Simply type
key words into the search field, and all documents matching that description will be queried.


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