22 Jun, 2022

    DEX Imaging Cloud Fax Solves Fax Line Decommissioning

    22 Jun, 2022

      Traditional phone lines, such as those used for faxing, have been mandated to be decommissioned by the FCC in August 2022, leaving many businesses scrambling to replace their critical document infrastructure. With this deadline fast approaching, DEX Imaging offers a cloud-based faxing solution that is both scalable and cost-effective, providing a host of benefits to businesses of any size. This solution not only replaces aging copper phone line infrastructure, it also enhances fax capabilities while reducing in-house infrastructure headaches.

      DEX Imaging Cloud Fax: the solution to the deactivation of legacy fax lines

      Legacy fax technology has become critical to many business operations, yet comes with several disadvantages. Wasteful, labor-intensive and costly, older methods of sending paper documents via a physical fax machine, although outdated, have proven hard to replace. In-house digital fax technologies such as fax servers require an up-front investment along with maintenance, implementation and integration requirements that often put even more strain on overburdened IT departments. Alternatives that only offer basic functionality often prove more cumbersome, since they lack enterprise functionality, integration capabilities, and provide limited security.

      Instead, our cloud-based faxing solution offers enterprise-level fax capabilities while addressing the challenges that have held businesses back. Highly scalable, reliable, secure, yet tightly integrated with existing applications and services, the DEX Imaging Cloud Fax solution offers cost savings and frees up limited IT resources, while simultaneously providing businesses with expanded capabilities. Fax from anywhere, from any mobile device, receive real-time fax notifications, and track fax activity with extensive reporting and user access control. DEX Cloud Fax solutions provide all the enterprise-level features you’ve come to expect from the nation’s document imaging leader, just in time to stay ahead of the upcoming decommissioning deadline.

      Here are just a few of the features offered by DEX Imaging Cloud Fax:

      • Unlimited user scalability
      • Works on mobile devices
      • Access faxes anytime and anywhere in the world
      • Fax from within multiple document applications (SharePoint, Office, Outlook)
      • Fax multiple file attachments through email
      • Application faxing with Print Drivers
      • Supports all major file types
      • Secure transmission types (SSL, HTTPS, TLS)
      • Receive inbound faxes to email, desktop client, or Web client
      • Searchable PDF feature
      • OCR and bar code routing features
      • Automatically route faxes to users, groups, and applications
      • Broadcast and scheduled faxing with auto-retry
      • Delivery notifications, both successful and failed
      • And many more

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