The Best Products

We don't just sell you any equipment that comes along - we choose the best, most reliable models from the nation's top imaging equipment manufacturers, tested in-house for reliability, and pair them with your unique business requirements.

Digital Intelligence

The business world is changing and we're helping to drive that change, with smart digital technologies that make you more competitive and agile.

Industry-Defining Service

We don't just offer service, we redefine it. With a best-in-class training program, industry-leading employee compensation programs, and the best network of parts warehouse and dispatch resources available, we minimize downtime and make sure your business runs smoothly.

In-House R&D

We've created our own in-house R and D department to develop, build and test unique solutions to everyday business problems that we are uniquely positioned to solve. Then we deploy those solutions to make your business better.

Environmental Consciousness

Our solutions don't just work for you, they also work for the planet. Everything we sell and every product we develop has been selected to make our world a better, more sustainable place to live.

Community Involvement

Doing business with DEX means making your community a better place to live. We support local charities, educational programs, and sports teams that define a better quality of life.

Think You Know DEX Imaging?

Equipment Features

Smart, capable, and money-saving, our document imaging devices are sure to work well in any environment.

  • Built-In Intelligence

    Not just capable, smart. From cloud connectivity to intelligent printing, our MFPs are smarter to help you work better.

  • Better for the Environment

    Our products are recyclable, use far less energy, and make use of eco-friendly supplies that save dollars and the environment.

  • Support Enabled

    We can diagnose and fix your problems remotely. Try that with a discount deal!

  • Saves You Money

    Compared to printers and copiers of only a few years ago, current models are more durable, reliable and energy-conscious, saving you in operating costs and downtime.

The best feature: delivery, setup, training and award-winning DEXpert service for the life of the device!

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